About Us

Speed Aircraft Corporation was formed to provide aircraft with a need for exceptional performance and utility previously unavailable. What other aircraft can you and your passenger cruise in a wide comfortable cockpit for four hours at 225 knots, perform aerobatics with full fuel, and baggage capacity for two pieces of luggage and a set of golf clubs? Now you can!

Designed in accordance with FAR Part 23 standards for general aviation acrobatic category aircraft, and built to the highest level of quality with the most advanced, NASA tested and certified, aerospace grade Toray T700 prepreg carbon fiber composites throughout. All components have a Nomex/honeycomb core and are cured under vacuum at 270 degrees Fahrenheit. These are universally known as the supreme aviation composite materials in use today, and allow for maximum strength construction and minimization of weight. Exceptional and efficient design provide for outstanding handling throughout the entire speed range and slow flight characteristics. The airfoil choice results in a very predictable and docile straight forward stall.

Wiring is simplified through the use of modern electronic circuit breaker and primary power systems. Also take advantage of advanced solid-state electronic ignition technology, proven performance and reliability.

To maximize safety, all aircraft are fitted as standard with a complete airframe ballistic recovery parachute system.

These are tandem experimental aircraft designed and engineered by the leading aviation engineering firm in the country, Airboss Aviation Group LLC. Dave Fawcett and Mark Bettosini are two of the most experienced aerodynamicists and structures guys in the aviation industry, with countless piston and jet engine designs under their belts and flying.

From the moment you step into the cockpit you will see and feel the difference. See for yourself!

Robert Miller